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Release 21/11/2023 Rev.21496

  • ILOX 199 Gen2 Release
  • Fix for low velocity error in rotary heat exchanger calculation
  • Fix for wrong sizes on some accessories
  • Fix for RDKM water coils not visible on accessory list
  • Fix energy classes for RHE units and always show mederate
  • Remove variant -400 for ILOX 199. Set -420 as default (with humidity sensor)
  • Change to new control panel for RDxx (ISYtq touch 2.5)
  • Fix for summer calc visible on diagram even it's not enabled for RDxx units
  • Fix for Swedish language printout showing in English
  • Fix for settings of water temperature for water coils
  • Fix for sound data for ILOX 199 Gen2

Release 15/5/2023 Rev.30939

  • Added ALPHA MagiCAD Link Support

Release 9/5/2023 Rev.33887

  • Resolved issues at high relative humidity for heat exchanger calculation

Release 4/5/2023 Rev.30981

  • Cooling and heating coils implementation for rotary heat exchanger units
  • Additional duty points bug fix
  • ILOX 397 performance data bug fix
  • Adding low power heater option for RDKS
  • Removing water heater option for ILOX 89